10 ways to get active with the kids this spring

Whether you take a stroll around the block or a embark on a challenging hike in the woods, being outside does wonders for fitness, fun, and family bonding. There are so many ways to enjoy exercising as a family, it can be hard to know where to start! Here are some fantastic ideas to help inspire you to grab the whole family and get moving.

1. Canoeing on the Barrow

If your kids love thrills and spills, you could take a trip down the River Barrow, Co Carlow in a canoe. The fun will really start when you hit the white water of the river’s weirs. These three-hour trips are suitable for children of all ages. Visit the website to find out more: https://gowiththeflow.ie/family_canoeing_trips_kilkenny

2. Up, up, up and away

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than the thrill of navigating an aerial obstacle course or whizzing down a piece of wire up in the sky. Zipit is a great day out for the whole family (the minimum age is 7 years) and has three locations around Ireland – Lough Key in Co Roscommon, Tibradden in Dublin and Farran Park in Co Cork. Visit the website to find out more: https://www.zipit.ie/

3. Geocaching

Have you seen friends posting photos of their kids finding treasures hidden behind trees? Or families proudly holding things they’ve found on a virtual treasure hunt? Geocaching is a treasure hunt game in the outdoors using GPS on a phone or tablet. It’s a great way to encourage the entire family to get outside and discover places you never knew existed. Visit the website to find out more: www.geocaching.com

4. Find your perfect family walk

There’s more sunlight and warmer weather in the spring, so enjoy it with a walk. Mix things up by finding a new wiggly, winding path or trail to explore, singing songs or playing games along the way. Encourage the kids to take photos and if you have an activity tracker strap it on and involve the kids by seeing how far you’ve gone. Check out these ideas: https://www.verywellfamily.com/fun-pedometer-activities-for-kids-1257374

5. Mini Muckers 2019

Mini Muckers is a 2.5km obstacle run for kids aged 7 and above across grassland, water and mud. There is a mix of log jumps to clamber over and under, a large moat, two water jumps, net scrambles, mud crawls, mud pits and much more. It will be held at Punchestown Racecourse in Dublin on 13th April 2019. Find out more: http://minimuckers.ie/

6. Mountain Biking in Ballyhoura

Fancy getting the whole family out for a bike ride against a gorgeous backdrop? Ballyhoura is shared by the counties Cork and Limerick and has the largest trail network of its kind in the country. If you have younger children, the 6km Greenwood loop is just enough to give them a taste, but serious bikers will love the demanding 51km Castlepook loop. Find out more: http://visitballyhoura.com/index.php/mountain-biking/

7. Get back to nature

Lough Boora Discovery Park is somewhere you can visit with the whole family, with lovely walks, flora and fauna to be found, tranquil places to enjoy and lots of wildlife and fish to spot – you can even try to catch a dragonfly! The teenagers will want to rent bikes and explore and the toddlers will love to run around, climb and discover the magical fairy trail.  Visit the website to find out more:http://www.loughboora.com/

Bog Track

8. Family forage for lunch

Join a foraging workshop run by green gurus Mary and Robert White and learn what you can (and can’t) eat in the wild. The kids will love pond-dipping, finding animal tracks or whizzing up juices from windfall apples. Depending on the workshop, you’ll either make your own or be served a three-course organic delight. Workshops are run at The Old Rectory, Killedmond, Borris, Co. Carlow. Find out more: www.blackstairsecotrails.ie

9. Be a pirate and sail the seas

Make like Jack Sparrow and raise the Jolly Roger aboard the Brian Ború, a 56-foot restored ship that voyages around Waterford Estuary and up the River Suir to Little Island. Hoist the sails and help the Captain turn the wheel and make like a pirate from their favourite TV show! Excursions go from Waterford Quay, Waterford. Find out more:  http://www.traditionalboatcharters.com

 10. Get going with Withings Activity and Sleep Watch


Whether you choose to walk, run, swim or go for a family bike ride, The Withings Activity and Sleep Watch will automatically record your activity. It also has a built-in sleep tracker so you can keep an eye on your sleep patterns once you’ve done all that exercise! We’ve got two of these impressive watches to give away, so why not make this spring your most active yet? Enter our competition now.


Wherever you decide to explore this spring, don’t let hayfever hold you back.

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