10 ways to make the most of the end of the school holidays

The end of summer is nigh. But before you start waving good bye to sun kissed skin and beach hair, there’s still time to squeeze in some last-minute fun. Remember, this is not the time for being a couch potato. Make a list of all those summer-centric things you’ve wanted to do (or haven’t had time to do!) and get out there and do them. But if you need a little inspiration, we’ve put together a list of 10 ways to end your summer with the kids on a high note.

1. Stay up one last time.
Isn’t it funny how kids just instinctively know that summertime means staying up later? Let them take advantage of those last few summer bedtimes with a trip to an outdoor movie. You can watch on the beach on selected dates in July and August in Bray, County Wicklow. Find out more: www.bray.ie/outdoor-movies-beach-screenings-confirmed/ 


2. Take the bikes out for a ride.
Kids love cycling – it’s fast, it’s fun and it gives them the freedom to explore new places and go on far-flung adventures! Treat them with a visit to a new playground or ice-cream shop at the end.


3. Enjoy an alfresco dinner.
Take dinner outside in these last days of summer. This can be as simple as just dining in your own garden or packing a dinner to eat at the park.


4. Make some last summer memories.
Planning a trip to a day festival is the ultimate summer activity! Why not get the kids involved in making flower crowns beforehand before deciding which outfits to wear (brightly coloured wellies are a must!)?


Catch some rays and fish.
Fishing spots are not only a great place to bond with the kids, it’s also a lovely way to enjoy the last of summer’s sun, but don’t forget the sun screen.


Get sandy toes.
Sand on the feet means everyone’s had a fun day at the beach. Once they’re back at school, you’ll have all the time in the world to sweep it all up! So, jump in the car to the coast one last time before they swap flip-flops for school shoes.


Create a summer time capsule.
Gather up all your mementos from the holidays, package them up in a plastic bag and place in an airtight container before burying it in the garden. Then dig it up at the beginning of the holidays next year for a nice start to the summer.


Sleep in a hammock.
You might not get too much sleep with the kids around, but you could all jump in together and read a story or just relax and listen to the wind in the trees.


Set up a fun reading corner.
Setting aside an hour or so to read on comfy bean bags once a day for the last week of the holidays is a great way to prepare the kids for returning to school. Make it fun by dressing up too.


Have a back to school party.
Make water balloons, cook delicious pizza and wrap up some fun new school supplies for each of the kids – like a cool new notepad or pen.


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