Ten fun and festive ideas to do with the kids at home this December

Christmas is nearly here and what’s more welcoming than decorating with homemade creations by little hands? There are lots of ways you can involve the kids to help them enjoy the build-up, some of which can even become firm family traditions! So, dig out those decorations from the loft, stock up on some red and green craft bits and get stuck in. Because here are our top ten ideas to help you get into the festive spirit.

1. Kid-friendly tree decorations

Dusting off the boxed bits for the tree is one thing, but kids love making their own designs and hanging them on the tree for all to see! There are some great ideas here, but our favourite is this simple wrapped Christmas tree ornament:


2. Make DIY gift wrap

Such a simple idea and will give your Christmas parcels a real personal touch this year. Grab a roll of brown paper and some red paint and let your kids go crazy. They’ll love being creative and you’ll get to wrap using your own unique family wrapping paper.

3. Pretzel Reindeers

We love these cute characters that will brighten up any festive platter and the kids will enjoy making them too. https://www.iheartnaptime.net/rolo-pretzel-reindeer/

4. Give your front door a makeover

Who doesn’t love a festive wreath? Take the kids outside for a quick winter walk to gather branches and pine cones, trim some from the bottom of your Christmas tree or just buy some at a garden centre. Attach them to a foam or wire ring (a bent metal coat hanger also works well) and allow the kids to decorate it with ornaments and bows.

Or if your kids are feeling extra creative, make this paper wreath featuring tracings of their little hands. https://www.familyeducation.com/fun/christmas-ornaments/handprint-wreath

5. Plan a kid-friendly dinner menu

Sit down as a family and ask the children to help you map out the menu for Christmas day. This way, you’re less likely to hear them complain about any food that’s on their plate on the actual day.

6. Donate your kids’ old toys

Christmas is the perfect time to clear out the clutter of toys that no longer get played with. Plenty of charities accept second hand toys at this time of year – they’ll be making room for new ones and helping kids in need at the same time. You can also do an extra good deed and send a toy to a sick child at Temple Street Hospital. https://www.templestreet.ie/event/toy-appeal/

7. Make snowman spoons

A yummy way to create a cup of hot chocolate and they look fun too! Perfect for snugging up on the sofa with a festive flick. https://www.messforless.net/hot-chocolate-spoons/

8. Homemade snow globes

There’s something about snow globes at Christmas, kids adore them! So why not make your own using one of their creations in playdoh or Lego? All you need is a small jar, some glitter and a bit of imagination.

9. Have an indulgent morning

Chocolate and marshmallows probably aren’t staples on your usual breakfast table, but it’s fun to treat yourself once a year. Don’t forget to involve the kids in setting the table in a fun way. Try making these charming Rudolph pancakes: https://www.iheartnaptime.net/rudolph-pancakes/

10. Make a gingerbread house

Make your own gingerbread house and make your own fondant elves and gnomes for an extra touch.

Give allergies the heave-ho ho ho

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